Kinetic autogun

Hiigaran Interceptor Kinetic Autoguns

The Kinetic Gun was a common Hiigaran weapon used during the Homeworld 2 Era.

Background Edit

Using electromagnetic acceleration of bullets these were powerful weapons for various uses. The Kinetic Gun is the primary weapon of the Destroyer, which was armed with 4 Turrets, giving 8 guns capable to strike at both Capital Ships and strike craft. Each shot can deliver 535 damage units with a range of 4500 meters. However Kinetic Guns also were used for other various ship classes. The weakest guns known as the Pea Shooter were mounted on the Scout, heavier guns were used as Hull Defense Guns or Kinetic Autoguns for the Interceptors. Another anti-strike craft weapon was the Vulcan Kinetic Autoguns or area-effect Kinetic Burst Cannons. The heaviest Kinetic Guns were known as Arbiter Kinetic Burst Cannons which have a range of 6000 meters and were a powerful addition to the Battlecruisers weaponry.

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