Lance Fighter
Vaygr lance fighter
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
500 RUs
Technical Information
260 m/s
1 Plasma Lance

The Lance Fighter is a heavy fighter equipped with a Plasma Lance which made these fighters a great weapon against enemy corvettes. It was designed by the Vaygr during the events of the Vaygr War.

Background Edit

Plasma Lance squadrons can strike enemy units from a relatively long distance considering they use plasma beam weaponry, which is notoriously short range. The weapon is relatively powerful for a fighter and can do large amounts of damage in a short time since the Harridan's weapon also fires more rapidly than the larger version found on corvettes and battlecruisers.

The most effective use of Harridans is when they are combined with a much larger task force giving these expensive and rare fighters cover as they focus on destroying enemy corvettes. Due to their relatively low maximum speed they are very ineffective in engagements against enemy interceptors. Also, they lack significant firepower against Capital Ships since their plasma lance was not designed to penetrate the heavy armor found on frigates and larger ships. Therefore, the best effect can be achieved when Plasma Lance Fighters are escorted by Assault Craft squadrons and Bombers so that the strike craft wing can be relatively effective against all manner of enemy. In such situations they can focus on crushing enemy corvettes, a task for which they were specially designed.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the few units in Homeworld 2 with a known class name, along with the Missile Corvette.

Appearances Edit

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