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Laser Corvette
Laser Corvette
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
650 RUs
Technical Information
215 m/s
2 Laser Guns

The Laser Corvette is an anti-Capital Ship corvette used by the Vaygr and was armed with a twin pressure-based laser gun.

Background Edit

The lasers can cause massive damage to Frigates and Capital Ships. That, and its heavy armor allowed it to fly into pitched combat situations unescorted, destroy its designated targets, and linger around to lend its heavy firepower to weaker Strike Craft or Corvettes to deal with Frigates and Destroyers. A strike group of Laser Corvettes can prove to be a significant threat to Frigate class vessels, particularly Flak Frigates and Torpedo Frigates, which were once thought to be the ultimate answer to Strike Craft wings.

Still, the Laser Corvettes does have some weaknesses. While still dangerous to frigates, a dense frigate line of Torpedo Frigates can still destroy them with ease. Bombers and other Corvettes can also destroy them with a few runs.

Appearances Edit

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