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Spying or leeching enemy vessels
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The Leech is a Kiith Somtaaw microship.


The Leech is the second microship created by Kiith Somtaaw engineers. It is small, fast and pretty cheap. It is the only ship that cannot be detected by standard sensors and cannot be captured by any means (capturing using Workers or through Infection Beam). It attacks by attaching towards suitable surface of enemy ship. The Leech can only be attached to frigate-sized ships or bigger.


Leech: While active, the Leech attaches itself to a hull of a ship and drains away ship's health, collecting resources in the process. Once its bay is full, the Leech returns to Mothership, Carrier or Processor to drop off resources and flies back to its target to continue its duty. This function doesn't work if the target ship has less than 10% of health.

Spy: While active, the Leech attaches itself to a hull of a ship, but, instead of draining health away, it acts like a tracking device. It is good to use to keep an eye on the enemy without raising suspicion.

Vent: Similar to the first function, but, instead of gathering resources, they are thrown away in the space. It also has no health limitation, i. e., the Leech "attacks" its target until it is destroyed. Of course, the explosion of the target, upon its destruction, is likely to destroy the Leech attached to it.

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  1. Homeworld: Cataclysm manual
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