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Leykab Jaraci
Character Information

Leykab Jaraci was a young technician working on the S'jet program known as Project Viin Cal. Named after the ancient God of the Hunters, Viin Cal was a series of potent deep-scan radar sats capable of sweeping the space around Kharak's orbit for hundreds of millions of kilometers.

While the Program started with promise, returning a hit or two which seemed to be larger objects in orbit, these turned out to be malfunctions and strange, localized magnetic inversions upon investigation. By 1106, the Project had been reduced significantly in terms of scale and staff.

When one of the satellites was lauched, its manoeuvring engines were broken and the satellite ended up spinning out of control. Leykab presided over it. Aware of how tight the budgeting for his team had become, Leykab fought for the better part of an hour to bring the tumbling sat under control before he had to regretfully give the self destruct command. It seemed at first to be another sad moment in a fading program, except that Leykab dutifully ran the last data tape before closing the file.

The recorded data had miraculously revealed a large metal object, but it was not in orbit. The sat's spinning path had caused it to repeatedly scan large swathes of Kharak's equatorial region. The power of the radar scan had penetrated to a distance of almost a hundred meters through the shifting sands.

And so, with shaking hands, Leykab sent his report on the Anomaly that would bear his name through history. Something artificial was buried in the heart of the equatorial desert. Something huge, made of metal, and surrounded by masses of stone built in regular geometric patterns.

The Jaraci Object, later revealed to be the lost city of Khar-Toba


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