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Ship Information
Ship Type
Non-Combat Ship
Technical Information
500 tons
75 m/s2
450 m/s

Lifeboats were small craft carried aboard larger warships for the purpose of evacuation in the event of their imminent destruction. Such craft had the consumables and life support systems necessary to ensure the safety of their evacuees until eventual pickup by friendly craft. They were roughly the size of fighters or corvettes and would await salvage if they did not not operate under their own independent power.

The Kushan were known to employ Lifeboats on at least some vessels. One such craft was observed laying in wait amongst the debris of destroyed Kushan and Taiidan Imperialist vessels after a major battle in which the Kushan fleet defeated an Imperialist incursion against Hiigara in 15 AHL. This craft, and others like it, were eventually intercepted by Kushan recovery teams in the aftermath of the battle.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Lifeboat only appears once in the Homeworld series - in the first cutscene following the opening mission of Homeworld: Cataclysm, amongst debris of the Taiidan Imperialist fleet.
  • Lifeboat textures can be found in the derelicts folder in the Homeworld .big file.
  • This ship appears to be identical to the Narcissus, a ship used by Ellen Ripley in the movie Alien. Ripley uses it to escape from the Nostromo when she sets the vessel to self-destruct in a final attempt to kill the Xenomorph. This page of the Homeworld Shipyards states that it IS the Narcissus. According to HS, it may have originally been intended to float in the Karos Graveyard as an Easter Egg as it has textures and stats but no visible geometry.


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