Light Attack Vehicle
Ship Information
Ground Strike Craft
Technical Information
12 metres
110 m/s

The Light Attack Vehicle was a lightweight, high-speed desert vehicle designed by Kiith Manaan and used by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid during Operation Khadiim. They were effective against ranged vehicles such as railguns owing to their high speed and maneuverability. These "Pathfinder" class vehicles were operated by a crew of 3.

L.A.V. type vehicles were some of the first motorized war machines to see service on the sands of Kharak. The ability to move fast, hit hard and retreat even faster was vital to mechanized warfare and no Kiith understood those qualities better than the Manaan. Their L.A.V. design won the Coalition light vehicle competition when 5 Pathfinders entered the test area at full speed, then kicked in their overspeed boosters and struck the Nabaal candidate vehicles with enough simulated concentrated firepower to rate them destroyed before the announcer had finished announcing the opposing forces.

For veterans of the original Homeworld games considering tactical uses for this unit it follows the same role as the Fighter craft, with its damage output being a bit of a hybrid between a strike fighter and a bomber.

Trivia Edit

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