This is the article on the corvette created by the Kushan. If you are looking for the article on the similar corvette in use by the Taiidan, see Light Corvette.

Light Corvette



Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
135 RUs
Technical Information
500 tons
25.8 metres
180 m/s2
575 m/s
1 Medium Projectile Cannon

The Light Corvette is a corvette-class vessel and is the Kushan's first attempt to construct a slightly larger strike craft.

Overview Edit

The Cavalier had a common problem just like other light corvettes. It did not have the speed of smaller strike craft nor the hitting power of a Capital Ship, and have been in many times proved very ineffective. Cavaliers, despite the firing speed of their projectile cannon, could not truly hold off a strike craft assault on their own. As such, they are often relegated to dangerous decoying and fodder duty or charged with protecting resource collectors.

The Cavalier in the end remained an economical weapon that could be used when resources were low or in numbers against a scout fleet to take down small fighters or resource operations. Even so, the vast majority of Cavaliers were set aside for the tougher, more effective Heavy Corvettes and Multi-Gun Corvettes.

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