This is the article on the corvette created by the Taiidan. If you are looking for the article on the similar corvette created by the Kushan, see Light Corvette.

Light Corvette

Taiidan Light Corvette RM


Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
55 RUs
Technical Information
500 tons
30.3 metres
150 m/s2
575 m/s
2 Small Mass Drivers

The Light Corvette is the basic combat corvette used by the Taiidan Empire.

Background Edit

Light infantry used these leaded darts in hurtles, throwing them in vast quantities as they closed on their opponents. They did not cause much damage but allowed for the light infantry to close in and attack while the enemy had raised their shields. The Raachok is hence named after these weapons because of two reasons. First, remarkably enough the corvette looks much like the ancient weapon and its wings fold back when docking as the feathers of an ancient Raachok would when thrown.

Secondly, and most importantly, its purpose tactically is similar. While a Raachok rarely is able to take down strike craft (too fast) or capital ships (too powerful) initially, it is a good distraction measure and can serve as fodder while the real attack moves in, either in the form of an interceptor wing with speed or a frigate patrol with firepower. As such, piloting a Raachok, much like being one of those light infantry in the ancient times, is dangerous work and rarely receives much glory. But the Raachok pilots are proud to serve their country, no matter the risk and are ready to give their lives for the preservation of the Taiidan Empire.

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