Liir Kaalel
Character Information
Date of Birth
Before 337 KDS

Liir Kaalel-Sa was a kiith-sa of Kiith Kaalel since 337 KDS. Liir spent his childhood in chambers of Kaalel council, near his mother, Jun Kaalel-Sa. After his mother death he begun to consolidate his kiith. After gathering in Walking Dunes Liir begun meeting with members of various powerful Kiithid. Some time after he decided that Kiith Kaalel will no longer try to become part of S'jet, and moved out to new holdings around the Kharak. To avoid open conflict with S'jet, Liir decided that his Kiith members will pay only role they did during first tier, that is scribes and messengers. Liir Kaalel'sa was Kiith-Sa for over fifty years during which Kaaleli become notable force in Kushan society, despite of being relatively small Kiith.


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