Mass Drivers were a type of space kinetic weapons using super conductive layered cylinders of heavy elements to generate powerful electromagnetic fields to accelerate bullets up to speed of 10,000 meters per second on fighters.

Early Mass Driver

Early Mass Drivers required so much power, that whole structures had to be build around them to supply the weapon with energy.

The first Mass Drivers developed by the Kushan were too large even for corvettes to carry them. Power consumption combined with system failures made Mass Drivers inefficient for military use. However, constant progress in power technology, material engineering, and ballistics made it possible to construct very small, efficient cannons that could be carried even by scout fighters; these become known as Projectile Cannons.

Mass Drivers were used also during Beast War; the Kuun-Lan in the early stage of war utilized 6 Large Mass Driver Turrets. Mass Drivers were adapted from Taiidan technology. However Kuun-Lan and most of Kiith Somtaaw vessels were upgraded to use Energy Cannons in the late stage of war. During the Homeworld 2 Era neither the Vaygr nor the Hiigarans used Mass Drivers.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Historical and Technical Briefing refers to Kushan weaponry as Mass Drivers, even on Scout fighters; however later they were referred as Projectile Cannons, and the name of the Kushan scout weapon is Projectile Cannon. This may originate from the first plans of Relic in which the Taiidan were intended to be main race. Later this concept was rejected.


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