Mevath Sagald
Character Information
Date of Birth
Before 1135 KDS

Mevath Sagald was a Kushan archaeologist who discovered the legendary Guidestone. When she was a young woman she and a small expedition went to the ancient city of Khar-Toba, discovered and secured 25 years before by the Kapisi expedition, where she discovered the Observatory Temple in 1135 KDS. Inside the Temple was the Guidestone, an ancient artifact left on a pedestal. After much intense study she discovered what the mysterious Guidestone was - a map to the original homeworld of the Kushan race - Hiigara. In the year 1155 KDS Mevath Sagald took the Guidestone to one of Kiith Sagald's strongholds. However, when she saw infighting amongst the kiith in regards to who should possess the artifact, she decided to donate it to the Daiamid.


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