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Minelayer Corvette


Resolute Minelayer

Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
275 RUs
Technical Information
425 m/s
2 x Mine Launcher

The Minelayer Corvette is the Kushan minelayer corvette during the Homeworld War and was partially reverse-engineered from the Taiidan Minelayer Corvette.

Background Edit

Minelaying technology was very new during the Homeworld War, even to the Taiidan and so it was great improvisation on Fleet Intelligence's part to copy the Taiidan's methods and apply them to Kushan corvettes. The Kushan, who had adapted remarkably fast to the dynamics of space combat, knew well that it was necessary to exploit all dimensions and that this made designing a defensive mine system difficult.

There are differences between the Resolute and Wodaan minelayer corvettes. Though the concept is the same the Kushan did not actually have a working Wodaan to work from and so improvised. Not knowing that the Wodaan used an electronic identification system , the Kushan instead used a simpler, more crude magnetic tracking device. To avoid friendly fire Kushan vessels were equipped with the proper electric countermeasures systems to redirect a friendly mine's tracking system.

The system, while crude, was quite effective and Kushan mines will do significant damage to any vessel they meet that doesn't destroy them first, particularly slow-moving super capital ship which have little defense against a mine. Once a mine has detected its target it uses a small jet of its plasma bomb interior to propel itself and then slams itself into the defenseless vessel. And, unlike Wodaans, the Resolute was more soundly designed, meaning jamming is almost unheard of. Unfortunately it does have its own problems most notably the fact that the fast rebuild rate of the mines means that the Resolute's more primitive fusion drive is put to their limits.

Tactics Edit

Resolutes are used in three different ways. First, and most often, they are used in defensive formations, dropping mines in boxes or spheres that protect the object inside from attack. They are also often used in offensive attacks called "stalking" in which, with the help of a probe, they wait for enemy vessels and then quickly lay out a minefield in front of an unsuspecting fleet. Furthermore, they can, in the rare cases in which it is necessary, attack enemy ships by swooping in and laying out mines quickly. This leaves them vulnerable, however, to anti-strike craft attacks, and such tactics are rarely recommended.

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