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Minelayer Corvette
Wodaan minelayer
Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
275 RUs
Technical Information
820 tons
34.8 metres
200 m/s2
425 m/s
Mine launcher

The Minelayer Corvette is the mainstray corvette for laying mines and developed by the Taiidan Empire.

Background Edit

The minelayer corvette was not originally designed as a minelayer. Mines, problematic in a three-dimensional environment where defenses meant little seemed impractical. Rather, the Wodaan, with its checkered history, was originally designed as an ECM weapon. But unfortunately, the Taiidan Empire spent little effort on researching new technologies and the Empire's enemies were often ahead in sensors enhancement rendering the Wodaan's advanced technology useless.

So the Wodaan lay dormant for twenty years until somebody realized that it was possible to adapt Plasma Bomb technology to make high energy tracking mines with small PDA units. This would make space mines for the first time effective. Rather than invent a new chassis the Wodaan chassis was reused, replacing the ECM systems with a minelayer apparatus. It was then decided that the Wodaan was fit for service. Composing of three crewmembers: a pilot, a WO, and an engineer the Wodaan was prepped for combat duty.

Unfortunately, the corrupt Empire used "fit" to mean barely workable. Mine jamming in Wodaans is not that uncommon and many a crew have been lost when an armed mine jammed in the launcher and then exploded, leaving no chance of survival.

Wodaans are usually deployed in four-ships squadrons and patrol through areas, laying down mines in grid semi-3D patterns. Wodaans, while possessing no weaponry, are still dangerous in combat, at least when met by Capital Ship resistance. Even with other strike craft they are fairly effective as the mines are fast enough to track fighters and corvettes when moving below full speed.

The mine, which is basically an inactive plasma bomb much like those used by Assault Frigates or bombers locked in a shell with a small but efficient PDA unit. The mine locks on to an enemy target by following its electromagnetic cross signature which bases itself on the electromagnetic equipment carried on any ship. If the signature is a friendly one then the mine ignores it. If it is hostile the mine locks on and ejects a small vent of its plasma to propell itself while simultaneously arming the warhead. A large minefield spells certain death for any capital ship.

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