This is the article on the Vaygr minelayer. If you are looking for the article on the similar ship used by the Hiigarans, see Minelayer Corvette. For other uses, see Minelayer Corvette

Minelayer Corvette
Vaygr minelayer
Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
800 RUs
Technical Information
215 m/s
1 Mine Launcher

The Minelayer Corvette was a Vaygr unit designed to deploy automated explosive mines. The ship used a hull very similar to the Laser Corvette, and its bottom section was dominated by a large mine deploying system. At the back of the vessel, below the engines the slot used to deploy mines is visible. At the front, below the bridge two barrels of the Minesweeping system are visible, capable of destroying mines within 1200 meters range.

Minelayer corvettes were unarmed, and therefore worked best in secured areas, where curtains of minefield forced enemy units to fly around giving plenty of time to friendlies, or pass through it what would cause enormous damage to first units which arrive to the range of mines sensors. During combat they had to escape as fast as possible to avoid destruction and hope that enemy won't spot single small ship.

Appearances Edit

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