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Missile Corvette
Vaygr Hammer Corvette
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
625 RUs
Technical Information
215 m/s
2 Concussion Missile Launcher

The Missile Corvette is an anti-Corvette corvette used by the Vaygr.

Background Edit

It is a relatively simple design that has been encountered in one form or another after the Kushan left Kharak and ended the Exile.

It is composed of a durable corvette chassis with a bulbous anterior portion that houses two sets of small Concussion Missile production bays and launchers (one on each side). These ships are able to fire a salvo of two fast, short-range tracking concussion missiles about once every 2 seconds. The only weakness of the corvette is that they have a limited range.

They have been used extensively against corvettes and fighters with good results and are even a decent match against frigates when used en masse. These ships should not be underestimated as many unwary commander has ignored a small group of these corvettes only to find that while he was engaged in another battle some of these corvettes had raided an asteroid patch and destroyed all his resource collectors in the area, or destroyed his batch of frigates. Like most Vaygr corvettes, they come in squads of 4 ships that split into two two-ship groups that scatter around when attacking.

Yet, Missile Corvette is not an efficient anti-Fighter unit compared to the Hiiagaran's Pulsar Gunship due to the fact that its short-range missiles can barely keep up with agile Fighters. In other words, the Missile Corvette have enough armor to withstand Fighter attacks, but their weaponry is not suitable for taking them out quickly. This can easily be seen when the Missile Corvette is used to defend Capital Ships: The enemy Bomber can take out at least one allied sub-system before the Missile Corvette can take them all out, thus giving the enemy some advantages in a Battlecruiser shootout. The better anti-Fighter is arguably the Assault Frigate (Vaygr).

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of the only two (the other was the Lance Fighter) Vaygr ships which have it's class name identified.[citation needed]

Appearances Edit

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