The Kushan Missile Defense System was the security network that defended the planet Kharak from off-world enemies. It was established sometime before 1216 KDS.


The Missile Defense System was designed by the Kushan citizens of Kharak to defend the world against enemy forces. The system was capable of launching thousands of missiles simultaneously at enemy vessels and fighters, allowing for the rapid destruction of enemy fleets before they could approach the planet. The system was presumably made up of dozens of military installations that all carried their own stockpile of missiles within the hospitable regions of Kharak. The system was combat-ready 24/7, allowing for Kharak's retaliatory strikes to be swift and complete.


The Missile Defense System on Kharak is only known to have been used once, during the catastrophic Kharakian Genocide in 1216 KDS. Mere hours preceeding the attack, the first Mothership of the Kushan fleet detached itself from its assembly yards at the Scaffold facility, and it conducted hyperdrive tests on the outskirts of the Kharak System. The eventual goal of the Mothership was to find the long-lost Kushan homeworld of Hiigara, from which the original Kushans had been exiled. Unfortunately, while the Mothership was away, the fleets of the brutal Taiidan Empire discovered the use of hyperdrive technology among the Kushan, which had been forbidden 4000 years before in an ancient treaty between the two sides. To retaliate for this "offense", the Taiidan launched a large fleet to annihilate Kharak.

The moment the Taiidan fleet approached Kharak, the Missile Defense System was activated. Thousands of missiles were launched at the enemy fleet, destroying dozens of starfighters and taking out several enemy capital ships, including some of their prized Assault Frigates. However, even the Missile Defense System could not stop what was to follow: A massive surface bombardment through the use of the Low Orbit Atmospheric Deprivation Weapon. Once this weapon was deployed against Kharak, the planet's atmsophere burst into flames, causing a firestorm that left 300 million Kharakians dead and the Missile Defense System in ruins. The battle ended with all space facilities being destroyed and the entire Kushan population virtually exterminated on Kharak and in space. Despite the disaster, the Kushan managed to survive and within the following months would find their beloved homeworld after defeating the Taiidan in the bloody Homeworld War. The sacrifice made by the Kharakian military was not forgotten, as they and the Missile Defense System fought to the death defending all that they loved from the tyrannical Taiidan.

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