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This is the article on the Taiidan capital ship. If you are looking for the article on the Kushan counterpart, see Missile Destroyer.

Missile Destroyer
Skaal Fa destroyer
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
1500 RUs
Technical Information
28,000 tons
234.9 metres
35 m/s2
295 m/s
4 Missile Launchers

The Missile Destroyer is an anti-Strike Craft destroyer. It was based on the hull of the Destroyer and introduced by the Taiidan Empire during the Homeworld War.

Background Edit

The main difference between the two designs was the Skaal Fa 's lack of any turrets or direct fire weapons. Instead, its forward hull was occupied by four large missile batteries and a production facility. This facility revolutionized the use of missiles on the battlefield of space, as it allowed the Skaal Tel to replenish its arsenal of fusion missiles after the initial load of 32 missiles was depleted.

The missiles themselves were very fast and maneuverable, making them ideal weapons to deflect incoming waves of fighters. While they also gave the Missile Destroyer the largest standoff range of any Capital Ship, they were not powerful enough to punch through the heavy armor of capital ships with as much ease as the Skaal Tel's ion cannons. Lacking the dedicated anti-capital firepower, they were often paired up with a Standard Destroyer, which would attack a large enemy at close range, while the Skaal Fa would support it with long-range missile fire.

Interestingly, the first ship of this class ever encountered by the Kushan exiles was not under Taiidan control, but instead remotely operated by the vessel known as the Ghost Ship in the Sea of Lost Souls. Upon deactivating the Ghost Ship's control field, the destroyer was taken over and included in the Mothership Fleet. Its missile systems were quickly analyzed by Kushan scientists and reverse-engineered into their own Missile Destroyer.

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References Edit

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