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Modules are primary subsystems that can be built on Motherships, Carriers and Shipyards in Homeworld 2. They can fulfill a variety of roles.

Research Module Edit

The most basic yet most important Module. This unlocks the ability to build other Modules, and some Facilities even though they are meant to unlock the construction of certain ship types will still need this module constructed to build them, even without research.

Advanced Research Module Edit

This needs a Research Module already built to be able to build it, and is also needed to unlock the most advanced ships of each class for construction as well as Fire Control Towers. NOTE: The Vaygr don't use these.

Hyperspace Module Edit

More important in Multiplayer maps, this is needed for performing tactical short-range jumps on the map and for warping in a Shipyard.

Hyperspace Inhibitor Edit


Hyperspace Inhibitor on a Shipyard

Also more important in Multiplayer maps, this projects a permanent field around the ship it is built on. Any inbound ships on a hyperspace jump intending to land inside the area of effect of the Inhibitor will instead land at the outer boundary of the Inhibitor field. This can give some crucial extra time for your ships to react to the threat.

Cloak Generator Edit

This generates a cloaking field around the ship holding it, cloaking it and everything around it. It has a limited energy reserve which will recharge over time while it is off. Note that the Motherships and Shipyards are too large to cloak, and that Proximity Sensors will still detect cloaked vessels.

Fire Control Tower Edit


Fire Control Tower on a Battlecruiser

This slightly increases the damage output of the ship it is built on and everything around it within a certain range. Their effects do not stack.

Platform Control Module Edit

NOTE: Battlecruisers cannot build this.

This allows for the construction of Platforms and is the only Module that unlocks the construction of something.

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