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Kushan Mothership

The Kushan Motership

Mothership Class describes the largest units including not only the Kushan Mothership and Progenitor Mothership, but also the sizeable Shipyard, which was the only craft able to build the powerful Battlecruiser during the Vaygr War.

Mothership Class units are the only ships known to utilize the power of the Great Hyperspace Cores and often were equipped with extensive production facilities by which entire fleets could eventually be constructed and maintained. Some, such as Sajuuk's Wrath, were capable of delivering tremendous firepower befitting their size, but more often the strength of the motherships lay within their manufacturing capacities.

The Mothership Class contains three subclasses: Motherships, Shipyards, and Flagships, all of which are at once the largest, slowest, most vulnerable, and highest priority vessels a fleet is likely to field.


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