This is the article on the Kushan corvette. If you are looking for the article on the Taiidan equivalent, see Multi-Gun Corvette.

Multi-Gun Corvette


Tempest MGC

Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
225 RUs
Technical Information
695 m/s
6 x Medium Projectile Cannon turret

The Multi-Gun Corvette is an anti-Fighter corvette developed by the Kushan in response to the Kadeshi Swarmer and Taiidan strike craft during the Homeworld War.

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Since the beginning of the Homeworld War, the Kushan had used corvettes alongside fighters in combat against their enemies. Most of these were designed to counter other strike craft but also had limited ability against Capital Ships. The Heavy Corvette, for example, was quite effective against enemy fighters as well as (in the right numbers) a true death sentence for any frigate other than the Taiidan Assault Frigate.

However, when the Kushan entered the Garden of Kadesh none of the anti-strike craft weaponry would prove quite sufficient and so a new, completely anti-strike craft vessel was built. The ideal type for such a vessel would of course be a corvette, able to take limited damage while being fast enough to go toe on toe with Swarmers. So work began to, in just a short time, to build a vessel capable of protecting the fleet from the Kadeshi.

The chassis was simple enough. All that was needed was the already multipurpose Hammer chassis. But the weaponry was difficult. To be truly effective the Tempest, as the new multi-gun corvette was known, had to possess a fair number of turrets positioned all around its chassis. These weapons had to be powerful enough to knock a fighter out quickly but small enough that they didn't take up the huge room that the Hammer's large guns did. Furthermore, high usage was dangerous and could cause overheating which would be both dangerous and render the turrets unusable.

So, two new systems were employed. First, gyro-stabilizers were employed along with the guided targeting systems to help the gunners track fast-moving targets. Secondly, a new maglev system in its prototype stages that was quite similar to the Multi-Gun Corvettes used by the Taiidan was attempted. Based on super-conductive polymers the maglev turrets were able to track quickly and avoid overheating.

The Tempest, which proved a success is now used frequently in both offensive duty and guarding larger frigates, particularly the vulnerable Ion Cannon Frigates.

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