This is the article on the Taiidan corvette. If you are looking for the article on the Kushan counterpart, see Multi-Gun Corvette.

Multi-Gun Corvette
Diirvaas mgc
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
225 RUs
Technical Information
750 tons
41.9 metres
200 m/s2
695 m/s
6 Medium Mass Drivers

The Multi-Gun Corvette is a Taiidan corvette used for the purpose of tracking multiple fighters.

Background Edit

This craft, designed explicitly for handling large amounts of enemy fighters was relatively successful employed against the Kushan who relied heavily on cheaper strikecraft. As such it was no large surprise that this design continued to be used after the Homeworld War was lost and the Taiidan fleet was effectively proved outdated.

The Diirvaas abandons all the previous turret designs used in earlier corvettes based on the fact that hydraulic system was not quick enough to track multiple fast-moving interceptors or scouts at once. Since this was supposed to be better suited for fast moving targets though less powerful than the Heavy Corvette, it was necessary to design a new turret system.

As such a new maglev system, remarkably similar to that invented by Kushan scientists for the similarly functioned Multi-Gun Corvette. This maglev system was quicker and more reliable. It used specially designed super-conducting polymers as materials and the system turned out to work better than expected. It was much faster and reduced heat build-up in the turret assembly, allowing the turrets to be used for longer periods of time without maintenance. Along with gyro-stabilizers and the crew's guidance the Diirvaas proved itself worth the investment.

Interestingly enough, Diirvaas takes its origin from an ancient and well-respected tradition of sword-dancing practiced during ancient times on Kharak. The dance, much like the Diirvaas itself, involves wielding many weapons while making graceful but sudden movements, capturing the awe of all viewers.

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