Nomad Moon
Nomad moon
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Continuous Ion Cannon Defense Array
Repulsor Field

The Nomad Moon was an experimental defense station constructed by the Taiidan Republic as part of their ongoing conflict with the Taiidan Imperialist Faction.

Background Edit

The Moon's armaments include a multitude of high-powered Continuous ion cannons spread out over its surface that easily shred Strike Craft, with Capital Ships not lasting much longer, and emitters at the northern and southern poles of the station generating a massive repulsor field that could repel and damage any larger ships. The repulsor field also proved capable of reflecting shots from the Kuun-Lan's Siege Cannon before the shot was close enough to detonate and do any damage. Unfortunately it only had average sensors; unless proximity sensors or scouts are nearby to augment them, the repulsor field wouldn't activate against ships small enough to pass through its sensor nets, specifically Leeches.

During the Beast War, the Nomad Moon was undergoing its final construction, and the Republic offered it as a means of fighting off the Beast. However, it was infected by the Beast hive-ship Naggarok under the pretense of capturing it for the Imperialists, but in reality to defend the Naggarok from the oncoming forces of Kiith Somtaaw, which had led the efforts against the Beast across the galaxy. The former Somtaaw mining ship Kuun-Lan, which had been outfitted by Somtaaw engineers with advanced weapons to transform it into a formidable warship, led the Somtaaw fleet against the infected Nomad Moon, discovering the weakness in its sensors that would allow their Leeches to sneak in and destroy the emitters. Engaging the Beast-Imperialist fleet and destroying enough of their scout ships and proximity sensors, the Kuun-Lan sent in the Leeches to destroy the emitters. With the repulsor field gone, the Somtaaw fleet moved in and destroyed the station with repeated shots from their Siege Cannon.

Appearances Edit

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