Phased Cannon Array
Phased Cannon Array
Production information
Technical specifications
Reload time

10 seconds

Effective range


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Phased Cannon Arrays were powerful Progenitor weapons. There were two types of them, the Sajuuk Main Cannon and the standard Phased Cannon Array mounted on both Progenitor Dreadnaughts. Due to the enormous amount of energy required and heat produced, both of these required the ship to be built around the weapon itself, much like Ion Cannon Frigates. These mighty weapons required some time and a considerable amount of power to charge, but were devastatingly effective. They could destroy even a Super Capital Ship in a few hits and had an exceedingly long range.

The exact mechanism of these cannons is unknown, as is demonstrated by the destruction of the Hiigaran Dreadnaught's cannon when it was first fired. The Bentusi possess knowledge of the cannons' workings, and were able to repair the Hiigaran Dreadnaught's Great Cannon.

Sajuuk Main Cannon was a form of Phased Cannon Array with three times the firepower and over three times the range of the standard model. It was the only weapon that could destroy Planet Killers.

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