This is the article on the technology used on ships. If you are looking for the article on the research pathway in Homeworld, see Plasma Bomb Launcher.
Plasma Bomb Launcher
Plasma Bomb Launcher
Production information
Technical specifications
Reload time

2.5 seconds

Effective range


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The Plasma Bomb is an anti-Capital Ship weapon generally found on Attack Bombers and Assault Frigates in the Kushan and Taiidan fleets. The technology would later be found on Vaygr and Hiigaran fleets. They appear as blue energy bolts and leave behind clouds of ionized plasma on impact.

Plasma bombs are condensed packages of engine exhaust, channeled into the launcher unit and held together by a magnetic bottle. Upon launch, the magnetic containment is projected outward towards the target. The hot volatile plasma is especially effective against the heavy armor found on Capital Ships and frigates, but can also deal great damage to strike craft (if they slow down or stops), especially corvettes.

The two largest drawbacks of the plasma bomb are the low range, a result of the plasma's magnetic containment disintegrating, and the slow speed at which the bombs travel, which make it inefficient against maneuverable strike craft.

Other plasma-based weapons have however been built based on Plasma Bomb technology, including the Energy Cannons that were found on most heavy combat vessels during the Beast War. Also the Progenitors made plasma cannons that fires similar but bigger bolts.


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