Platforms were introduced during the Vaygr War.


Platforms are mobile devices that can be deployed in large numbers to protect areas. They were mainly used by the Vaygr to protect areas of resources from the enemy and used in large numbers. The Vaygr were able to build Heavy Missile Platforms, that shot off very strong missiles that could destroy a frigate quite easily.

However, they have a one shot engine and once they have been moved, they are fixed in position. The Hiigarans deployed Platforms as well, but not on the same scale as the Vaygr did.

One key note, the weapons on a Platform come online the moment it is built. It is fully capable of firing on enemy ships in range before its one-shot engine has been used, which means building a large quantity of them quickly can be an effective tactic for a hasty defense of your Mothership when a large enemy fleet is approaching.

Known Platform TypesEdit

  • Gun Platform: A Hiigaran platform armed with two dual Kinetic Gun turrets effective against strike craft
  • Ion Cannon Platform: A Hiigaran platform armed with two dual Ion cannon turrets effective against Frigates and, in large numbers, Super Capital Ships
  • Vaygr Heavy Missile Platform: A Vaygr platform equipped with missile launchers that is fairly effective against both Strike Craft and capital ships.

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