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RC Port of Nalthor concept01

Concept art of Port of Nalthor

The Port of Nalthor was a name given to several concept art - usually depicting a large space station. The most common design is a long station with many extended docking arms from the main hull, always orbiting over a planet. Also common in Port Nalthor concept art is a gigantic "N", much like how "15" is significant on Hiigaran concept art.

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Port of Nalthor in fanonEdit

Norsehound's canonEdit

The Port of Nalthor is the largest trading hub on the outer rim, and is the most successful trading location in the Western Hemisphere of the galaxy. It is also the remaining end of the outer rim trade routes, established by the Bentusi in the “First time” by their calendar.

Nalthor itself is a huge space station constructed over the planet Jahdeem- a jungle world with many inhospitable locations. It is widely beleived that the Megalith fragment Nalthor is constructed on was part of a titanic system used to mold Jahdeem’s ecostructure, but few clues point to Nalthor’s previous purpose.

Many visitors who elect to stay on Nalthor can gain citizenship and become “Naltheese”. Nalthor operates its own harbor security and military, but has never engaged in any open warfare with any other Amalekite nation (with one exception in 9241 GSY against Anamam.)

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