The Prehistory is an era spanning from before the start of the Exile.

Overview Edit

Notable events include the wars between the Hiigarans and the Bentusi, and the finding of the first two great Hyperspace cores. The era ended with the exile of the Hiigaran people to Kharak and the beginning of the rule of the Taiidan Empire.

The first great event was the discovery of the First Great Hyperspace Core by the Bentusi. With the core in hand, the Bentusi established the Outer Rim Trade Routes and became the main military power of the time. The second great hyperspace core was then discovered by the ancient Hiigarans.

The Hiigarans abused the power of the long jump core, destroying key Taiidani outposts and bombarding the Taiidani homeworld, Taiidan. This ultimately sparked the great war between the Bentusi and the Hiigarans. During the final battle, the Bentusi defeated the Hiigarans. The galatic council voted for the survivers of Hiigara to be sent into exile. The Bentusi gave up their military might and became peaceful traders. The Taiidani moved their imperial palace to Hiigara, from where the corrupt imperium would rule until their defeat at the hands of the Kushan in the Homeworld War. The Hiigarans left for Kharak in exile, where they would remain until the discovery of the Khar-Toba and their subsequent return to Hiigara in the Exodus.

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