This is the article on the Hiigaran probe. If you are looking for the article on the similar probe by the Vaygr, see Probe. For other uses, see Probe

Probe (Hiigaran)
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Ship Information
Expands sensor range
Technical Information

The Probe is a Non-Combat Ship used to explore areas of space quickly.

Background Edit

The Probe is a small torpedo like device, cheap in construction and easy to build. Probes are poorly armored and have no defensive capabilities, so they can easily be destroyed by any type of enemy strike craft or frigate. Probes have very advanced sensors, useful for scouting out areas or discreetly spying on enemy positions, a major advantage to any Commander who wants to know his enemy.

Probes have little armor and no defense, making them vulnerable to enemy attacks, so it is important to position probes out of the enemy sensory range, or away from tactical units. Probes have a one shot movement, meaning that they can only be moved once.

Appearances Edit

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