Progenitor Drone
Progenitor Drone
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
Technical Information
275 m/s
2 Plasma Weapons

The Progenitor Drone is an anti-Strike Craft used by the Keeper as an escort and ship defence.

Background Edit

Each drone has 3 variable geometry wings allowing it to takeoff from a narrow keeper hangar. Also the wings sometimes swept backwards when the Corvette accelerated after tight turns. On both sides of hull lights were visible, yet it's unknown if these were some kind of sensors or just signalling lights. The nose of the ship contained primary sensors array as well as two rapid fire plasma cannons. These had immense firepower compared to common technologies used during Homeworld 2 Era and were serious threat to all frigates and smaller starships.

When Hiigarans encountered Drones they found out that they are almost immune to Flak Frigates and most of their weaponry designed to counter fighters. Interceptors, despite being fast enough to target Drones, couldn't efficiently deliver a large amount of damage to the agile Corvettes, which also possessed very heavy armour. Therefore the Hiigarans were forced to change tactics and use Torpedo Frigates en masse as the primary weapon against Drones. Cluster torpedoes were fast enough to hit Drones and a group of small missiles released from single torpedo had enough power to seriously damage the Drones.

Appearances Edit

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