Ion progenitor
Progenitor Ion Cannon
Production information
Technical specifications
Reload time

4 seconds

Effective range


Affiliated with


The Progenitor Ion Cannon was a heavy beam weapon, mount on a Keeper. It was only known beam weapon capable of creating a constant and stable beam of ions without any time limitation. Thanks to this, Keepers could keep a constant flow of damage on even the most heavily armoured of ships, and in that way destroy any known ship. Keepers are known to destroy Destroyers, Carriers or even larger ships, probably if they would be allowed to strike at the Hiigaran Mothership for long enough, they would destroy it also. Even the defence field couldn't stop the beam for long. The only known way to stop the beam is for the Keeper to phase out or die. This task was not easy, and therefore Progenitor Ion Cannons were one of most dangerous beam weapons.


The Ion Cannon can actually be blocked with two or three Defense Field Frigates.


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