"The Movers are Progenitor AI constructs. They know no age, no despair. All this time they have tendered the derelicts of their masters." — Karan S'jet

Progenitor Mover
Progenitor Mover
Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
200 RUs
Technical Information
230 m/s
1 Plasma Weapon

The Progenitor Movers were AI-controlled corvettes created to transport and guard Progenitor artifacts. Each Mover contained memory banks with interfaces compatible with Hiigaran technology. Movers were the first Progenitor ships met by the Hiigarans during the Homeworld 2 era, defending wreckage in the Karos Graveyard.

Background Edit

The Hiigarans managed to capture a damaged mover in the Karos Graveyard and developed weapon modifications to defeat them more easily. They also created a Mover Construction Facility in the Mothership to produce their own movers. They proved ineffective in combat against the Vaygr strike craft and corvettes as the Vaygr had already developed the same anti-mover weapon modifications. They can, however, inflict heavy damage to Capital ships which are usually unable to properly target them.

The Hiigarans used Movers to capture a Progenitor Dreadnaught. It is also known that Progenitor Movers were shielded from radiation, which proved useful for the Hiigarans when they were trapped by radioactive debris in the Karos Graveyard.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Homeworld 2 demo, Anti-Mover Weaponry technology for singleplayer was accidentally included in the Hiigaran multiplayer technology tree, but Mover construction was not available to the player. However, this research had accidentally foreshadowed one of the campaign opponents long before the complete game was officially released.
  • The Mover schematics shown before the mission containing the Dreadnaught Berth are sightly different from the in-game movers, which suggests what Movers looked like in early the development stage of Homeworld 2.
  • Movers can function as reusable proximity sensor probes, allowing the player to detect enemy ships hidden in dust fields.

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