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The Power Core and Module are devices used by the Progenitors to power their technologies and ships.

Power CoresEdit

Gatekeeper captured

The Power Cores inside the Karos Graveyard activated.

These devices are used by the Progenitors to direct power to their technologies. Some were employed inside the Progenitor Mothership that broke off at the Karos Graveyard. These ones seemed to be quite intact as Fleet Intelligence had confirmed and were then used to trap the Keeper by activating the power core with the appropriate modules.

Power ModulesEdit

These are the trigger devices used to activate Power Cores. They were first identified after the encounter with the three Power Cores inside the Karos Graveyard near the Progenitor Dreadnaught Berth. They were then employed to the Power Cores to trap the Keeper of the Foundry. More were later encountered employed on the Balcora Gate.


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