Pulsar progenitor
Progenitor Pulsar Beam
Production information
Technical specifications
Reload time

2 seconds

Effective range


Affiliated with


Progenitor Pulsar Beam was an anti-fighter weapon built by Progenitors. The only vessels using this kind of weapon were the Keeper. The beam had a yellow-orange colour, which is characteristic for almost all Progenitor weapons. It was very similar to the Nanite Cannon, and therefore could be its distant precursor with a much longer reload time, lower range and damage rate. However, thanks to this lack of power, Pulsar Beams did not consume much energy, and therefore could be used as additional weapons for the Keepers. They acted as the primary anti-fighter weapon of the Keepers until they were able to deploy Drones or during the times when the Drones were too far away from the Keeper to protect it. Each Keeper had 8 of these guns, which compensated for their low fire rate and provided good cover against attacks from almost all directions.


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