Tempest firing

Multi-Gun Corvettes possessed 6 Projectile Cannon turrets

Projectile Cannons were common Kushan kinetic weapons used during the Homeworld War and the New Hiigaran Navy during the Beast War. Each cannon magnetically accelerates a small projectile to high speeds, and the resulting kinetic energy is enough to penetrate the armor of fighters, corvettes and even frigates. Larger devices use a heavier projectile, and the increased mass results in a more powerful punch.


Projectile Cannons existed in several versions. The most commonly used was a light version with fixed forward-fire mounted on interceptors, as well as other Kushan fighter craft. Some of them were still in use during the Cataclysm Era. The second most common version, a medium turreted gun, was used on almost all Kushan corvettes, most notably on the Multi-Gun Corvettes, which were developed to counter the massed Kadeshi fighters. Finally, large Projectile Cannon turrets were used by Kushan frigates and other capital ships, like the Assault Frigates. A longer reload time was compensated by a more powerful shot.

Projectile Cannons were eventually replaced by Kinetic Guns by the Hiigaran Navy prior to the Vaygr War although the principle technology remains the same.

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