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38 metres

The Railgun' was an anti-vehicle unit designed by Kiith Nabaal used by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid at the very least, during Operation Skaal Brii. These Long-range Weapons Platforms were effective against armored assault vehicles, battlecruisers, and carriers. They were able to fire from a very long range. They were operated by a crew of 3.

For veterans of the original Homeworld series considering tactics for this unit, it is like the Ion Frigates but with the ability to fire on the move, including backwards, and very vulnerable to strike-craft-class ships like the LAVs; they can't even hit stationary LAVs properly let alone moving ones, and their armor is light enough that LAV weapons chew through them quickly. You must protect Railguns from these units at all costs with LAVs or AAVs. If you can do this they will do significant damage to anything larger than a strike craft from quite an impressive range.

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