RelicNews is the most prominent Relic-related fansite, and host to the official Relic Forums. The site is owned by Pike and boasts a large complement of staffers. RelicNews was mentioned in a Special Thanks section of the Homeworld: Cataclysm Manual.

History Edit

The history of Relicnews spans over eight years, starting in 1998. Homeworld had recently been revealed and two sites popped up on the Internet dedicated to Homeworld. The first one, Seeking Homeworld, was run by Fireflight. One might say it was the first Homeworld fansite out there. The second site was JP5 (Jump Point 5), it was also dedicated to Homeworld and was run by both Pax and Pike.

The Homeworld community at this time was quite small and news was sparse. Shortly the webmasters of both sites realised that there was no point in competition, and that what would serve the community best was one single site that would provide all the latest news and information on Homeworld. This site was formed in a few short days, combining the best information from SH and JP5. This site was called

As grew so did the Homeworld community. Homeworld was released, and the Homeworld community continued to grow. It soon became apparent to the webmasters at that Relic Entertainment was one of those studios that would keep pushing the bounds of gaming, and so it was decided that would become Relicnews on April 15th 1999.

The growth of the Homeworld community brought about several hosted spinoff sites from the Relicnews domain: mod site, Delphy's Mad Scientist Laboratory, the Relicpr0n screenshot archive, and the fanfiction site Kiith iopia. All were successful for a time, but none enjoyed the continued following or extended community participation of the primary Relicnews site or the Relic Forums. All three spinoff sites have since closed.

Today, Relicnews continues to serve as the "Definitive source for all things Relic". Since Homeworld 2 was released in 2003, Relicnews has changed to reflect Relic's newest games. With the release of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Relicnews changed its longtime Homeworld inspired layout to a Dawn of War layout. Although it has put Homeworld behind it, Relicnews is still staffed by the dedicated fans of Homeworld who founded it and remains a focal point of the Homeworld fan community.

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