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Repair Corvette


Mercy Repair

Ship Information
Fleet Support
Ship Type
RU Cost
150 RUs
Technical Information
500 m/s
Repair Beam
Docking Pad

The Repair Corvette is a corvette used by the Kushan to repair their other ships.

Background Edit

The Mercy evolved from early maintenance shuttles used during the construction of the Kushan Mothership. These earlier craft were designed with the purpose of repairing and refueling new vessels built for the emerging Kushan Navy, often taking part in the rescue and recovery of pilots and crewmen in the event of emergencies. Eventually the old shuttle design would serve as the new Mercy with a few modifications including a small docking bay on its underside as well as a projectile cannon turret. These features would serve to make them critically important field assets to the fleet in the event of combat situations, able to service fighters, corvettes, and warships in the midst of an attack.

The Mercy, used to repair strike craft and Capital Ships alike, would serve combat duty throughout the entire Homeworld War. Newly equipped with a reversed version of the phased disassembler array, the Mercy literally breaks down damaged material and restructures it. As such it can repair enemy ships low of cost. This takes a very long time but is worth the effort and can be used effectively to repair other corvettes as well as capital ships while fighters line up to dock with the Mercy. Their role would eventually be supplanted by Support Frigates with their much more powerful beams and more numerous docking bays, but the Mercy proved its worth as a highly mobile asset that when produced in large numbers enabled their fellow Kushan warriors a fighting chance.

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