This is the article on the Taiidan utility vessel. If you are looking for the article on the similar Kushan corvette, see Repair Corvette.
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Repair Corvette
Taiidan repair corvette
Ship Information
Fleet Support
Ship Type
RU Cost
150 RUs
Technical Information
750 tons
35.1 metres
150 m/s2
500 m/s
1 Small Mass Driver

The Repair Corvette is a basic utility corvette designed by the Taiidan Empire.

Background Edit

They have been for a long time the mainstay of a fleet and their main purpose has been to refuel and repair fighters. They can however repair (but not refuel) larger ships such as other corvettes or Capital Ships. The Taiidan repair corvette is no exception to this rule and carries a repair beam similar to the phased disassembler array to help it in its duties.

Repair corvettes are at a defensive disadvantage as they have very weak armor and a single gun turret to protect them from swarms of strike craft.

Appearances Edit

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