Research Ship


Research Ship Taiidan

Ship Information
Research Division
RU Cost
700 RUs
Technical Information
300 tons
280 m/s2

The Research Ship is a Non-Combat Ship that allows for the expansion of the fleet by researching technology to build new vessels.

Background Edit

In the Homeworld War, six Research Ships could be built, each automatically linking together to produce a larger ship with tougher armor at the expense of reducing mobility. The more ships that are built, the faster research can be done, which means technology can be obtained faster.

These ships were made obsolete shortly after the Kushan returned to Hiigara. By the Beast War, kiith opted to use special modules, with each module having a set amount of researchers that researched technologies in their module at a default rate. The Vaygr War radically improved the researching system, by making the player pay resources to research a technology. Most research is for ship upgrades, but some allow the building of new ships.

Trivia Edit

  • The Taiidan Empire does not make use of a research ship throughout the campaign. However, the Taiidan vessel can be seen if playing as the Taiidan in either single player or multi player.

Appearances Edit

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