Research Station
Research Station
Ship Information
Research Outpost
Ship Type
Non-Combat Ship
RU Cost
3000 RUs
Technical Information
564.9 metres
150 m/s

The Research Station was a 710 meter tall unarmed space station utilized by the Taiidan Empire and later on at least one of them was used by the Taiidan Imperialist Faction.

Overview Edit

The front side of the station was occupied by a large sensors array, longer than at least one Assault Frigate,[1] as well as the bridge, one docking bay large enough to fit the frigate,[1] and numerous windows from internal rooms. The back side of the station was made of a large plate of unknown metal which could resist heavy radiation for unlimited amounts of time.[1] The station was heavily-armored, and could sustain an attack from multiple destroyers, which made it one of the best-armored units the Kushan met during the Homeworld War. However, it as a Research Station was unarmed and had to rely on garrison forces assigned to guard it.

Usage Edit

One such station was built 215 light years from a supernova on the edge of the Taiidan Empire's territory. It was protected by a minor Taiidan garrison composed of one Carrier with several escorts. Additionally, the station was protected by numerous minefields in dense space dust zones which were protecting ships from radiation. Despite these safeguards, the Kushan managed to break through the defensive perimeter and come in close proximity to the station. When a desperate attack from the Taiidani forces didn't succeed, the carrier began to charge its hyperdrive and move to a safer area from which it could jump out. However, the Kushan forces destroyed the carrier before it could make the jump, and they moved on to destroy the remainder of the Taiidani garrison. Finally, the Station itself was destroyed by the overwhelming firepower of the Kushan fleet.

When the Empire collapsed some Research Stations were taken over by the Taiidan Imperialist Faction to serve as deep-space bases where ships were built or resupplied. Usually such stations were heavily guarded.[2] The only known station in control of the Imperialists was located in the Kadiir Nebula.

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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