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Resource Controller
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Resource Controller
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The Resource Controller is a Non-Combat Ship developed by the Kushan during the Homeworld War. It serves as a mobile resource drop-off point for Resource Collectors in the field, capable of following the latter to mining operations to shorten travel time, with the benefit of speeding up mining operations.

These controllers also possessed half a dozen docking pads to support and refuel strike craft, as well as two docking hooks beneath its bow specially designed to support corvettes.

Developed after the Destruction of Kharak, the Resource Controller became a critically important asset of the Kushan as they worked to bolster the firepower and strike capability of their then-fledgling Mothership Fleet. These controllers served to support collecting operations in resource dense regions of space as the fleet advanced towards Hiigara, relying on the controllers to enable quick access to the far off resources needed to build the warships critical to combating the numerically superior Taiidan Empire.

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