Saju-ka was the temple city of Kiith Gaalsien on the North Pole of Kharak. The city was founded in the first hospitable valley that Kiith Gaalsien found during it's journey through the Great Desert to the more hospitable areas of Kharak's North Pole. During the Time of Reason, Saju-ka become known as the artistic gem of Kharak. Its temples concealed many notable works of art devoted to the god Sajuuk, and inside its libraries are collected one of largest collections of writings on Kharak. In that time, the city became the last enclaves of the Gaalsien people, who were weakened after the Heresy Wars. Unfortunately, the location of the city forced construction of systems to defend the city from encroaching sands. These systems were designed by Gar Naabal and constructed at the beginning of 7th century KDS. In year 717 KDS, Miirpat Gaalsien-Sa ordered his people to blow up the systems, resulting in the city being flooded with sand, and within two days it was completely buried. Massive panics during the city's evacuation caused the deaths of thousands people.


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