This is the article on the ship. If you are looking for the article on the god of the same name, see Sajuuk. For other uses, see Sajuuk

Ship Information
Ship Type
Technical Information
1,500,000 tons
5,000 metres
12.5 m/s2
100 m/s
Phased Cannon Array
8 Nanite Cannons
6 Kinetic Guns

Sajuuk is a legendary starship created by the Progenitors. The ship was sealed away in Balcora, the black hole cluster at the center of the Galaxy. Its existence was kept unknown for several centuries, before it was re-discovered by the Hiigarans and later, the Vaygr.

The warship is heavily implied to be the inspiration for the deity Sajuuk found in the mythology of numerous races including the Hiigarans.

Background Edit

After defeating Makaan, the Hiigarans abandoned the Pride of Hiigara in order to unite the Three Hyperspace Cores and awaken Sajuuk. Because Karan was directly integrated into the Pride's Hyperspace Core, transferring her from it to Sajuuk rendered the Mothership useless – constructing and integrating a new neuronic operator would take far too much time and Hiigara was in danger.

Sajuuk was found to be also the only ship that can destroy the Planet Killers sent by Makaan during the Siege of Hiigara, via its Main Cannon.

After the Vaygr War, Sajuuk was found also to be a key, just like the Progenitor Dreadnaught was a key to Balcora Gate. Hiigarans discovered the Eye of Aarran and later on found that it could be opened using Sajuuk. The discovery was more than anyone could expect. Sajuuk was found to open the Great Network of Hyperspace Gates.

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