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Salvage Corvette


Porter Salvage

Ship Information
Ship Capture
Ship Type
RU Cost
250 RUs
Technical Information
425 m/s
Salvage Subversion routines

The Salvage Corvette is a corvette designed for capturing and analyzing encountered vessels or to tow debris.

Background Edit

The Mothership Fleet made use of them during the Homeworld War. It is not present during the Cataclysm Era. Tactically indespensible, the Porter, in sufficient numbers, could incapacitate and move almost any enemy vessel to the Mothership or a carrier to be taken over for use within the fleet. Capable of taking ships many times its size when operating in packs (such as carriers or heavy cruisers), enough Porters can neutralize entire groups of frigates, destroyers, and cruisers, with the desirable effect of bringing the target vessels under their fleet's control.

It was decided to convert many of the heavy tugs used in the construction of the Kushan Mothership into the new heavily armored, battle-capable vessels that would be able to survive combat and dock with an enemy vessel, gain important information from it and finally tow it back to the Mothership for capture. The Porter, as this particular tug was known, was pulled back to the Mothership and the Scaffold for refitting and it became the basis for the corvette design used for combat corvettes such as the Light Corvette and Heavy Corvette.

The new design, the Porter Mk. 2, had several modifications. First, more armor was added to protect it from enemy fire. Advanced computers using AI-driven viruses, subvert and override programs, and decryption routines were added to its equipment. These subversion routines, which would work best on damaged ships, increase in power when there are more Porters assisting.

Porters operate alone, as to draw little attention, and only on rare occasions will carry even a scout escort. A tour of duty aboard a Porter is hence, much like in the case of the Porter's Taiidan equivalent the Tiirshak, considered disciplinary duty in most cases.

One of the outtakes of the Karos Graveyard ships was a Salvage Corvette with a single medium projectile cannon.

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Bugs Edit

  • When capturing ships, the salvage corvette may latch onto a targeted ship at the wrong angle.
  • Strangely, cloaked ships are harder to capture and will likely result in collisions that result in them being destroyed.

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