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Ship Information
Ship Type
Resource gatherer, utility vehicle
RU Cost
100 CU, 2 SU RUs
Technical Information
23 metres

The Kiith Somtaaw-designed Salvager was a resource gathering vehicle used by the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid during Operation Khadiim. These "Foreman" class multi-utility support vehicles were operated by a single crew member.

Unlike previous Homeworld games the Salvager does not have any remote repair or unit capture abilities. It has one purpose, and only one: collect resources. It can be destroyed very quickly by any enemy vehicle so protect it carefully. It is also key to note that this is perhaps the slowest vehicle in your entire arsenal, it can't even keep up to the Kapisi, so making it travel long distances between a resource point and a dropoff will be very inefficient; keep either the Kapisi or a Support Cruiser close to it.

When giving resource collecting orders into a mixed cluster of CUs and RUs the Salvager will stay with the resource type it was initially ordered to start with, until all resource sources of that type are exhausted in the immediate area, before it will switch to the other type.

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