The sandsailers were small boat-like vehicles with characteristic white sail, used up until the Time of Reason on Kharak. They had the ability to cross sandy terrain, swept by force of the wind. They were easy to build, therefore families could build them on their own and made their incredibly dangerous trip across desert to the other pole of Kharak.

Majiir Paktu, the founder of Kiith Paktu, used these vehicles to sail across the Great Banded Desert to the Majiirian Sea in his search for fertile lands to start a colony.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sandsailers are described only in the Historical and Technical Briefing, yet even there there is inconsistency with its name. Both forms sand-sailers and sandsailers exist (with hyphen and without) separated by only two paragraphs, yet because of most common usage of form without hyphen, this one is used as canon name.


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