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Fiirkan Scout

Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
35 RUs
Technical Information
40 tons
14.3 metres
1000 m/s2
1000 m/s
2 Small Mass Drivers

The Scout was a cheap, fast and agile fighter created by the Taiidan Empire.

Background Edit

The Scout was always the first fighter into a battle, making reconnaissance on enemy positions.

Named for a small bird of prey in the deserts of Kharak, the Fiirkan, like its namesake, mostly preys on the herbivores of space, such as resource collectors, using its mobility to get the better of its prey, diving in and out in hit and run strikes. Armed with two small Mass Drivers, the Fiirkan is more than a match for any non-combat vessel and while using evasive maneuvers for even a super capital in large numbers. Many a fleet has fallen to the Fiirkan for underestimating their power.

Most pilots prefer the flashier Interceptor used by the elite core of the Taiidan pilots. Even so, those pilots who do choose to fly Fiirkans willingly are some of the best the Imperial Fleet has got and these "small birds" often show their hotshot comrades in the seat of Triikor that bigger guns doesn't necessarily mean better pilots.

Trivia Edit


References Edit

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