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Second Core

Second Hyperspace Core onboard Tanis Station

The Second Hyperspace Core was found in the wreckage of an unknown starship in the Great Wastelands. It was known that it was as powerful and as capable as the Far Jumper used by the Bentusi.

After extensive modifications it was mounted on the Hiigaran flagship - Sajuuk's Wrath. After successful bombardment of the Taiidan Homeworld, the Galactic Council demanded that the Hiigarans immediately turn the core over to the Bentusi, who were sent to confiscate the core. The Hiigarans agreed, however when the Bentusi jumped in to capture the core, the whole hiigaran navy attacked the Bentusi. After a long battle only Sajuuk's Wrath and Bentus were left. When the Sajuuk's Wrath's sublight engines were destroyed, its captain jumped towards the Angel Moon, destroying the ship.

It is unknown how the Core was transported onto the Khar-Toba, but the Kushan recovered it from inside the ruined city and after extensive re-engineering it was mounted onboard the Kushan Mothership. After the Kushan had completed their journey to Hiigara, the Core was moved to a Museum in Assaam Kiith'sid, according to Karan S'jet's wishes. When war with the Vaygr was unavoidable, the Core was moved to Tanis Station and later used onboard the Pride of Hiigara, to finally become part of the Trinity.


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