Sensor modules can be built on a number of capital ships to improve their ability to detect enemy ships in the Tactical View.

Basic Sensors Notes Edit

First, a couple of notes on how standard (unmodified) sensors work:

-You initially start out with a small portion of the map area explored. You will need to move ships around in order to expose more of the map, and the amount of area they can explore depends on the sensor strength of the ship. The blue area represents the Active sensor range of your ships.

-Discovered resource pockets and stationary structures will remain on your Tactical View even if the ship that discovered them moves out of Active sensor range.

-Very large Super Capital Ships will usually show up on the Tactical View visually even if you haven't explored that area yet.

-Ships at Destroyer size or smaller can only be detected in Active sensor range, so in order to see the full strength of incoming fleets you will need to send out scouts or probes for forward reconnaissance.

-Standard sensors cannot detect cloaked vessels or vessels in the middle of a hyperspace jump.

-Several capital ships are able to install enhanced sensor modules to improve their abilities in a certain area

Hyperspace Sensors Edit

This sensor module does not change the Active range of the on-board sensors, but upgrades them to also detect any capital ships inbound on a hyperspace jump before the ships exit hyperspace, as well as their specific exit points. This can give a few crucial seconds of warning time to re-position your forces accordingly. It has more usefulness in multiplayer maps than the campaign, since not many ships make tactical short-jumps in missions.

Advanced Sensors Array Edit

This module straight-forward doubles the Active sensor range of the ship it is equipped on, allowing you to have much more warning of approaching fleets. The Mothership is a particularly good choice for this one since it has one of the longest Active sensor ranges of any ship in your fleet, so doubling that has a particularly large effect.

Anti-Cloaking Sensors Edit

This module upgrades the on-board sensors to also detect cloaked vessels within the Active range without them having to fire weapons. It can give crucial warning time against a cloaked ambush.

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